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About Us

Our Best Growing Secrets Aired Out, Just For You

Situated in the breath taking Plettenberg bay in the Garden Route, Western Cape, We at Natural Highs pride ourselves in growing the best genetics to their fullest potential.

Our focus is dense and frosty buds filled with palate-pleasing flavours from our favourite strains and making these delightful flowers available to all adults in South Africa

New Arrival Strains

Newest arrivals to our clone collection! Coming soon to our shop!

Our Favourite Strains

The Church, Strawberry Cookies and Grape Diamonds

These strains are a breeze to grow. They are powdery mildew resistant and resilient strains, perfect for any grower.

Freakshow, Samo 78 and Cinderella 99

These strains are potent Sativa dominant strains and are excellent for wake-and-bake as well as an all day smoke.

Rael's Favourites

Fanta Sea, Grape Diamonds, Freakshow, Cherry Whip and Slurricane

Adrian's Favourites

White Wedding, Wedding Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Breath, Runtz and Mandarin Cookies

Discover Your Favourite Strains

Don't just take our word for it, Try out our strains and find the one you like best!

Sativa (Narrow Leaf)


Indica (Broad leaf)

Helpful Growing Tips

If you're new to growing and are uncertain of where to start, We have some helpful tips to get you cultivating your best grow.

Our Team

Our experienced, passionate and knowledgeable team members, bringing our very best to our plants and clients

Rael Kozinsky

Owner, Grower & Consultant

Adrian Young

Grower & Consultant

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