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Steps to take upon receiving your healthy clones.

Decide on what medium you will use for your grow e.g., soil, coco, or hydro. At Natural Highs Clone Vault, we love to grow all our plants in organic soil thus instructions will be for soil & coco peat. Take your clones and transplant them into the ground or pots of your choice.

Water your clones with clean water adjusted to ph. Of 6.0 for a week to 10 days then start with your normal feeding regime.

Growing cannabis is not always an easy task, you might not grow the best flower on your 1st attempt if it is your 1st grow. We are here to assist you with your grow should you decide to purchase our clones so please feel free to WhatsApp us on 066 371 2327 if you have any queries.

We are powered by Grow Pro Nutrients and in our opinion it’s the best organic nutrients we have used.

The no 1 issue when growing cannabis is powdery mildew and for that the best solution is Kaya Farms wetting agent along with Pappa J (Potassium Bicarbonate) to get rid of that nasty fungus, if you are an indoor grower then also make sure that your plants have enough ventilation in the room.

Attached are some links to websites that could help you understand the many ways, issues, fungi, and pests that you will encounter.

Attached is a feeding chart for Grow Pro. We recommend Grow Pro but you can use any nutrients of your choice. If you would like to use Grow Pro please give them a like on Facebook and get in touch on 084 698 8811 to place your order, we promise you will not be disappointed.

Growing Indoors

  • Grow tent:This is a small, enclosed space that will house all your plants. If it can house all the other tools and provide sufficient light, you’re good to go.
  • Lights:LED lights are your go to option for growing indoors as they save on electricity and with the technology we have these days, you can grow flower like you could with conventional HID lights.
  • Soil and containers:These will act as a home and support system for your plants. You’ll likely want to source pre-fertilized soils already containing nutrients, and, as for the containers, you can go with either fabric pots or standard plastic containers.
  • Hydroponic equipment:If you want to go soilless, you’ll need to get yourself some hydroponic equipment. This method involves the use of concentrated solutions of mineral fertilizers to be taken in by the roots.
  • Water supply:Running water from residential taps usually contains high levels of chlorine, so you’ll want to use filtered water for your beloved cannabis plants.
  • Exhaust fans:Plants need an adequate supply of carbon dioxide to thrive. To achieve that, you’ll need a constant stream of air from an exhaust fan to help circulate the air around.
  • Climate controls and monitors:These controls moderate the lights, CO₂, humidity, and temperature, and should operate at a consistent rate to optimize the growth of your plants.

Outdoor Growing

  • Weather-resistant equipment: Nature can be a bit harsh at times, so you’ll want that added protection for your plants. Protective coverings like shade nets and greenhouses should do the trick.
  • Drainage system:  You don’t want your plant’s roots to be flooded with excess water. Building a simple drainage system made of gravel will be of great help.
  • Soil: Whether you’re planting directly into the ground or using a pot, you’ll want soil that’s rich in nutrients.
  • Nutrients: Just like humans, plants need their vitamins, too. The base nutrients will be more than enough to provide that necessary nourishment.
  • Soil test kit: For an accurate reading of the soil quality in which your plant sits, a soil checker will come in handy. It should also notify you should you need to do some extra watering.
  • Containers: Oftentimes, air pots are the best choice for outdoor cannabis growing. This enables natural pruning of the roots, which means better growth for your plants.

Growing Cannabis in Soil

Growing Cannabis In Hydroponics

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