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White Wedding RBX | Ethos Genetics



Variety Fem Photo, Indica Dominant Hybrid | 20 % Sativa 80 % Indica
TAC 30 + %  TAC
Height Medium
Yield Extra Large
Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Flavours Sour Gasoline, Pine and Mandarin
Medicinal Muscle Tension, Anxiety and Depression

The flowers of White Wedding RBX mature after about 9 weeks, developing rocky flower colas of great volume all over the branches and offering a spectacular calyx-leaf ratio. Delivers a yield of up to 600g per m2 when cultivated in an indoor grow tent under a 600W light, while outdoors provided with a sufficient growth period it becomes a resinous monster producing a yield that can even exceed 800g per plant.

The buds are completely covered with resin trichomes, even flooding the nearby leaves, making it a great strain for extractions. They present a very high terpene load that provides an intense aroma that combines petrol with sour pine, incense, tangerines, and ripe cherries. White Wedding RBX produces a strong effect both physically and mentally (THC: 25-30%, CBG: 2%, CBC: 1%, THCV: 0.3%). This effect begins with a powerful psychedelic euphoric high that enhances the senses and creativity as it hits the body, relaxing muscles, and relieving pain.

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