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Apex R1 | Ethos Genetics


Variety  Fem Photo, Indica Dominant Hybrid | 80 % Indica 20 % Sativa
TAC 30 % TAC             
Height Medium – Tall
Yield Large
Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Flavours Lemon sweets to Grapefruit, Fuel and Orange
Medicinal Anxiety, Nausea, Pain

Ethos Apex R1 is the variety that we have included in our catalog at your request, from the Ethos Genetics bank. The cross comes from two successful bank varieties such as Lilac Diesel and Mandarin Cookies. On the one hand, Lilac Diesel is a strong and aggressive plant with medium-length internodes and heavy lateral branching. It has large, fluffy but solid flowers, making this cross a great producer with a high development. The other part of the cross is the well-known Mandarin Cookies, which have strong growth and may need some light training. It can stretch quite a bit in bloom but is controllable. The floral structure of this plant is one of the best you will find. Medium-sized, dense and stacked with perfectly spaced internodes and a low leaf-to-calyx ratio. The crossing of both makes Ethos Apex R1 a variety that grows with great violence but is easy to train. Medium-long internodes pack large flowers of medium density that give large yields of boutique flowers. The effects are classic stoner, lots of laughs with a clear but powerful punch.

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