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Tangerine Sorbet | Paradise Seeds

Variety Hybrid | 40 % Sativa 60 % Indica
TAC 24 % TAC
Height Medium
Yield Large
Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Flavours Exotic, Spicey and Sweet
Medicinal N/A

Tangerine Sorbet is a turbocharged, super-fast finish, Cali racing machine! She is the product of a genetic merger between tried and tested heritage performance and USA-bred power and terpene boost. With its rippling terpene profile and conscious shifting powers, this strain races with all the flair and potency of a supercharged hot rod.
Paradise Seeds makes a lot of noise about its near ‘perfect hybrid’, Wappa and for good reason.
It is a difficult plant to improve but the Paradise breeding team has accepted this mission impossible and achieved it by realigning its skunky heritage with the addition of Thin Mint Cookie potency.

As the name suggests this is a strain which will be smooth on the palate and strikes a terpene note that will have old school Skunk fans dribbling! The smell in the grow room is like an old-school Skunk run through an amplifier, with wafts of sweet perfume and spice.

Once harvested, dried, and lit, the taste is a pleasant combination that unlocks itself on the taste buds like an exotic puzzle that lingers in the mouth long after the first puff. It begins with that hint of tangerine to the intensity of the sweetness and is underlined by a peppery spiciness and the whole experience comes with a wonderful creaminess.

Growing Difficulty Level: Easy

Indoors: If you have ever had the pleasure of growing Wappa then expect more of the same… just with an extra flourish of colour and smell in the grow room. Tangerine Sorbet is an extremely easy plant to grow. It exhibits great robustness in the cultivation environment and has a very forgiving nature. Both beginners and experienced growers will appreciate the super-fast finish, extra colouring to the plant and big yield capability.
We recommend allowing this one to come to full fruition for the full benefits (although many will be tempted to harvest early as it will be ready before).

Outdoors: This strain is an excellent choice for the outdoor set-up thanks to its no-nonsense performance. There is nothing fussy about Tangerine Sorbet.

Plant the cannabis seed and watch it grow as it carries the same genes that ensure Wappa grows just as well by the beach or 3000 meters above sea level! In tests, it displayed excellent resilience against mould and diseases.

An excellent choice for those in more northern regions for this reason, added to the fact that the fast finish will see the grower home and dry before the worst of the Autumn weather.
Tangerine Sorbet plants show great uniformity in their robust growth, developing multiple flower heads up and down the plant on their elongated branches.
Buds grow large and dense, grouped around a towering fat central cola. The stupendous resin production extends to bigger leaves and the buds themselves are wrapped in a blanket of trichome frost, just like a sorbet picked straight out of the freezer! The flush of purple-red, particularly in the top buds, as harvest approaches, adds to the overall eye candy display.

Indoor Yield: 650 g per m²

Outdoor Yield: 1000 g per plant

Recreational: An American cousin or Wappa on steroids?! Potent, strong, powerful… we really cannot emphasize this enough! Expect an instant hit of high energy and pure happiness as Tangerine Sorbet surges through the system.
The effect is very much felt in the head as the +24% THC count makes itself known with a journey into the cerebral which will certainly nudge the consumer’s conscious perception and push the sensory boundaries.

Medical: Not recommended for first-time cannabis users due to its extremely high potency levels. Nevertheless, experienced medical consumers will appreciate its energizing effect and tendency to stimulate appetite.


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