NaturalHighs, CloneVault.


NaturalHighs, CloneVault.

A Little Introduction

NaturalHighs, CloneVault. went from a reliable and simple seed bank to a fully grown clone vault. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team of growers, bringing diverse inventory to best serve our clients. With us you recieve top quality clones , advice and assistance from purchase right through to curing.

Guiding you through your purchase, your grow and your curing

Customers can meet our team, discuss plants and feel comfortable about the plants they are receiving. We offer a full follow up service with our growers, making sure you are getting the desired results. Your success is our success!

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We Provide

A Cut Above The Rest

Not only are our clones cut from healthy and strong mother plants, but we carry a variety of strains and palate-friendly flavours to get the most experienced cannaseurs' mouths watering.

Its not just about the genetics. To get the fullest potential reached with our clones, We offer personal support for questions as well as offering advice to those who are new to growing or those who know their stuff, but want to expand their knowledge.

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